Women’s Motorcycle Tours

Women’s Motorcycle Tours

What does one do with all the accumulated knowledge, experiences, and road wisdom after traveling all over the world on two wheels?

Some choose to go back to their cubicles; I choose to use my experiences to inspire and educate others. I have begun leading women’s motorcycle tours that TEACH women the skills and confidence they need to go out and ride in a group or on solo adventures. For experienced motorcycle riders that want to gain confidence riding alone, this is the tour or you!

Women’s Motorcycle Tour

Our “Women’s Empowerment Motorcycle Tour” is a unique concept for motorcycle tours. Designed as a rolling classroom, we will teach you “how” to tour on a motorcycle. Besides the normal tour itinerary and riding enjoyment, we will include pre-trip personal coaching, skill building exercises, and mid-tour seminars to give every tour member a toolbox of skills they can rely on when planning or implementing their own future trips.

We’ll ride many of the best roads in the Pacific Northwest, see a variety of landscapes, and ride in a variety of climates. We’ll make time each day to take care of ourselves, and since we’re riding our own machines we’ll learn to look after them a bit as well. We’ll eat delicious food, we’ll sleep in comfortable mid-range hotels, and we’ll even have a rest day.

Our mission is twofold.  First is to build confidence and skills. Second is to provide an environment where women can enjoy riding with other women in a touring setting. We will coach, mentor and teach you the skills necessary to enable you to ride and tour on your own.  We will show you that you can have a fun and rewarding trip even if you can’t find a riding partner.  You might just wish to ride on your own!

More information can be found on our web site www.WomensMotorcycleTours.com.

Custom Tours

We can customize a tour, just for you or your group. Tell us exactly what you want, and we will set the route, find the lodgings and the best sights, and lead you on your dream ride.

If you are interested in a custom moto tour, email Alisa [at] MotoAdventuregal.com

Travel Companion

I am available for hire as a travel companion…this option is for folks that have the desire to travel, but cannot seem to find anyone to ride with that has the time or the inclination to ride their dream. I’ll ride my own motorcycle, share your adventure, and help out along the way. You’ll get a friendly and experienced travel companion, and the adventure of a lifetime! Send me an email and we’ll talk! Alisa [at] MotoAdventuregal.com

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