Video of Alisa Riding in El Salvador

Video of Alisa Riding in El Salvador

I am going to jump ahead in the chronology of my tale a little bit..I am so excited.

Mario just made this video compilation of a cuple of days riding together.

Not to spoil the tale, but in San Salvador Mario invited me to ride with him and Igor New Years day. That night I got to eat papusas with his family.

Then 2 days later Mario took me for an offroad ride–seldom seen places in El Salvador.  I am working up to that in the blog–while you wait please enjoy Mario’s photos

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4 Replies to “Video of Alisa Riding in El Salvador”

  1. Alisa!! SO PROUD of YOU~I am enjoying your pictures and stories!! VERY INTERESTING~~guess Voni and Paul are riding in New Zealand!!

  2. C, there’s some pretty awesome riding here in Central America…by myself I stick mostly to pavement, however. But I’ve met up with a couple of ADVriders and been able to drop the panniers and go more offroad…