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Viewing the World from a Two-Wheeled Perspective

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  1. What did you haul all the way down there that you didn’t need after all? Would would you not take next time? Robin

  2. You know, even though my panniers were HEAVY I think in the end the only things I didn’t use were a few spare parts. I brought along extra levers, extra cables, loads of tools, front & rear spare tubes, etc. I only used the Hennesey Hammock ONCE, but it was a godsend the one time I DID use it. Not sure ht i would have done in the jungle at night without some sort of enclosure. probably developing a packing list of what I DID take along would be useful to others. I just have not gotten around to it although I DID take a pic of all my spares before I crossed into Mexico.

    Oh! I did not use my first aid kit! 🙂