My New Bike

My New Bike

Well, I finally did it. I bought my first KTM. It’s a 950 Adventure with only 5,000 miles on it.

This makes Edward really happy because now when we travel together we only need one set of tools and spares. It makes me happy because while I love my DR650 that brought me to Argentina, I always felt slightly beat up when traveling long distances. Now I won’t with a V-Twin and 300 more cc’s.

Here she is:

K1024_KTM 089

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17 Replies to “My New Bike”

  1. Awesome!!! Although, Justin was selling his 950 Adventure in Chile last month. You should have bought his and rode it north 🙂

  2. Great!! You earned it with all the miles you’ve put on two wheels in the last year!! It’s the right progression though… DR350, DR650, 950ADV …;-) Enjoy!

  3. Thanks everyone! I love the new ride, and for some reason I’m really tickled that it’s black and not Orange,,,even though at heart it’s orange…

  4. @ Bill = one of these days, I’ll live in a climate where there is year round riding! (Note that I DID ride anyway despite the snow on the ground last weekend. Brr at 42 degrees!

  5. very nice Alisa, very happy for you! Can’t wait to see your bike and you, and Edward:) in some great scenic shots in the next year!

  6. Sweet! Edward calls his Tiger, you need to call yours Panther, a black panther.

    So, which exhaust sounds better? His or hers?


  7. Ha! We just watched “How to Tame Your Dragon”, and the Black Dragon (the Night Fury) was nick-named ‘Toothless’….but had fangs that could come out and rip you apart. We’ve been calling it toothless in the garage because I haven’t ridden it much yet.

    His exhaust = Remus. Sadly, I like his sound better. Good thing I usually follow when we ride together!