Cogent Dynamics is a Sponsor!

Cogent Dynamics is a Sponsor!

Many thanks to Cogent Dynamics ( – Fletcher, NC) for coming on board as a sponsor.

I’d read about some of the suspension work they’d done for racers and other travelers, and decided to use them because I was adding so much extra weight to the DR650. They offered to sponsor my ride (because it’s for Breast and Ovarian cancer CURES) and whipped up a set of shocks for me in what must have been record time.

I’ve only taken it for a short ride, but let me tell you it’s *awesome*. No diving of the front end even under hard braking conditions.

Thanks Rick and Joyce at Cogent Dynamics!

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3 Replies to “Cogent Dynamics is a Sponsor!”

  1. Hey Alisa, I’m an auto journalist from Winnipeg and recently met Mike Gold. I will be running an article about your trip! I’d like to actually run a series of articles chronicling the trip. Mike has all my coordinates and has already provided me with info. If possible could you send me a hi-res pic of you with your spiffy new bike? I’d like to run it in the article. Our newspaper, the Winnipeg Free Press, is the largest independent paper in Canada with circulation of more than 150,000, we will also publish the article on our website, so any thoughts you may have, quotes, plugs, charity info, please fire away! Have a great trip…Cheers,thanks and good luck!
    Paul “Willy” Williamson
    phone (204) 294-7769