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Viewing the World from a Two-Wheeled Perspective

Best Christmas Ever! (2013)

Posted by on Dec 26, 2013 in California, USA | 2 comments

This year we went completely non-commercial. No wrapping, no bows, not even presents! Just bare feet and beautiful weather. (Sure it feels a little weird to have my very first non-snowy Christmas ever, but you know what? I can already tell you that snow is way overrated!) You might have guessed that I’m not in Idaho, and you’d be correct.  Edward and I moved to the Los Angeles area last week. He’s got an exciting new job that’s top secret until 02 January. And for me there’s no looking back (to Idaho). As a wonderful friend of mine pointed out “The move sounds like a typical chapter in your life!! Everything happening all of a sudden at once.” And that about sums it up! Despite the lack of snow, I did get into the holiday spirit and decorated my pink Christmas...

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Carrying the leopard

Posted by on Aug 27, 2013 in USA | Comments Off on Carrying the leopard

Carrying the leopard to the exam table   Please follow and like...

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Collaring a leopard

Posted by on Aug 25, 2013 in Africa, Namibia, USA | 1 comment

I have so much to tell you about Namibia (it’s been building up the month I have been here.) But first, the reason we are here: Studying Leopards, Cheetah and Elephants. I am here working for Biosphere Expeditions through the middle of December. I’m the expedition leader, which means that I am in charge of group safety, group dynamics, logistics, and a whole array of other things with a list too long to type! I am working with Vera Menges, who is here researching leopards for her PhD. She also works for Biosphere (she and I together head the group) and her PhD study is in conjunction with IZW of Berlin, Germany. IZW has a compound on Okambara where Biosphere is also based. Yesterday we captured and collared a male leopard–a highlight for the group. He was a whopping...

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Camping in the Caribou

Posted by on Jul 28, 2013 in Idaho, USA | Comments Off on Camping in the Caribou

This weekend Edward and I went truck camping in the Caribou National Forest. Long Valley Road Long Valley Road #2 Quite the dust trail! Long Valley Road #3 We spotted a Bald Eagle along the way being harassed by crows. Long Valley Road #4 (Can you believe this is in our “back yard” in Idaho?) Luxury Car Camping: A FRIDGE! Making Breakfast in a town park A visit to the Chesterfield Ghost Town… Open plains on the way home Scattered Aspen Groves Gathering firewood (and no small amount of dust) on the way back home Stop…and shoot? Blackfoot Resevoir. The sign said poison lake…but it was teeming with birds and wildlife. Blackfoot Resevoir 1 Blackfoot Resevoir 2 Beauty shot of the Toyota Tacoma Please follow and like...

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All tidied up in Connecticut! (an explanation)

Posted by on Jul 23, 2013 in USA | Comments Off on All tidied up in Connecticut! (an explanation)

I guess this post confused a lot of people…When I said “Bring on the new owners!” I only meant that the house is ready for them…not that it’s sold. When it’s sold, you get to read about more adventures of mine since I hope to do a big trip with some of the proceeds…   Please follow and like...

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An exciting (not!) night in the Denver airport

Posted by on Jul 23, 2013 in USA | Comments Off on An exciting (not!) night in the Denver airport

Actually, the exciting part was looking out the plane window and seeing a Southwest Airlines plane whiz by on fire. Yeup, that was enough t o shut down Laguardia airport for a while, making for about a four hour delay in departure. Since there are so few flights to Idaho Falls, I get the deluxe treatment in Denver–I get to sleep on the floor and catch the 11:00 am flight tomorrow. The cool thing is that there are two Spanish couples on the flight that do not speak any English and I get to pay back (or is it pay it forward) all the wonderful help I have received as a traveler over the years. They’re camped out next to me in the business cubicles. Now if only I could turn off the lights… Please follow and like...

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