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In & Out of Lima

Posted by on Apr 15, 2010 in Motorcycle Vagabonding, Peru, South America | 4 comments

March 10-11, 2010 Well, after my lovely episode with the Policia Carreteras, I continued on south to Lima. I did not like this portion of riding. wow. Riding in Lima wasn’t exactly picturesque, nor really as bad as I’d been prepared to believe, but upon entering I discovered that my horn had died.  what irony, because Peru is the honking capital of the southern hemisphere. Even after a few weeks here I have yet to earn all the nuances of he ‘art of the beep’, but so far I can tell you I have observed beeping before passing, beeping while passing, beeping at oncoming traffic, beeping at animals, beeping for someone to move over so they CAN be passed, beeping to say hello, beeping to say goodbye, taxis beep at you as they pass to see if you want...

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My FOURTH Encounter with the Peruvian Police

Posted by on Apr 14, 2010 in Motorcycle Vagabonding, Peru, South America | 1 comment

March 10, 2010 Please follow and like...

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Huaraz – Lima

Posted by on Apr 13, 2010 in Motorcycle Vagabonding, Peru, South America | 5 comments

March 10, 2010 Feeling a little bit better, I decided to ride BACK to the coast and go to Lima. I wanted to avoid Lima, and I was already in the mountains, set to avoid it, but my “intuition” told me I needed to get the bike checked. I’d been trying to find a 525 master link everywhere I went (what a pain!) and never could. Ben Slavin ( had told me about a good motorcycle shop where they fixed him up good, and with Gaston sending me detailed maps of Lima, it all looked pretty straightforward. Getting out of Huaraz, however, was not so straightforward. More construction. Blowing sand… Ahem. Take a close look at this picture. What’s wrong here? Looking over my left shoulder as I headed South and West, gollee. What a panorama (Cordillera Blanca). First...

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Cañon del Pato and on to Huaraz

Posted by on Apr 12, 2010 in Motorcycle Vagabonding, Peru, South America | 1 comment

March 8, 2010 I was feeling a lot better. My stomach was still empty and hollow,  my guts wrenched, but I was feeling up to a long day of riding (hopefully). Ricardo had told me about a “private” road off the Panamericana that would lead me into Cañon del Pato. I was really looking forward to it, but also a little daunted because he said the turnoff was about at X km and I had to stop, make nice-nice with the guard, and ask if I could pass. It was all quite easy, so easy, in fact, that I didn’t snap pics of the turnoff. Wow. Super hard packed dirt road! Yummy scenery. I’m all alone and cruising fast. Wow, this green valley comes as a surprise. Corn? Ah. The source of the green. A few km of pavement...

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Trujillo — Viru

Posted by on Apr 11, 2010 in Motorcycle Vagabonding, Peru, South America | Comments Off on Trujillo — Viru

March 7, 2010 Breakfast. I am not feeling good, my stomach is “not right” and, well, I have diarrhea. Drat. Luckily they make pills for this. Guess it wasn’t nerves yesterday. I also guess it was the food in the danky dining place in Cajamarca (?!?) I know I need to east something becauase I have a big ride head of me. I am actually happy for soup for breakfast. I think they call these “moto-transporte“. This one pulls up at the restaurant where I am chatting with Hernando and Isabella. We all take pics of it. Connfidence inspired by my hotel. (Translation: Secure Zone in case of Earthquakes”) Well it’s time to say goodbye to my new friends…we’ve spend several hours together and they have given me their COMPLETE brain dump. Isabella, you see, is an archaelogist, and...

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My second encounter with the Peruvian Police

Posted by on Apr 10, 2010 in Motorcycle Vagabonding, Peru, South America | 2 comments

March 6, 2010 (continued) Well, I headed to Trujillo on the Panamericana and I was certainly enjoying the pavement. I went through a small town and saw a loaded bike ahead…I caught up to them, waved hello, No, it’s nobody that I know so I just followed them for a while. Colombian Plates. I followed them for a bit but they are two-up on a small bike and have to slow waaaaaaaaaaaaay down at all the speed bumps. Finally they wave me around, I wave goodbye, and I am off at speed again. A while later I am on a flat stretch of road and I see Policia Carretera (Highway Police) up ahead…I duck in behind the truck in front of me and hope to go by undetected…but the buggers have seen me and one actually crosses the road...

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