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Viewing the World from a Two-Wheeled Perspective

New article up! (Mitad del Mundo)

Posted by on Jun 11, 2010 in Ecuador, Motorcycle Vagabonding, Press, Articles, South America | Comments Off on New article up! (Mitad del Mundo) Please follow and like...

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Into the Chaco

Posted by on Jun 11, 2010 in Bolivia, Motorcycle Vagabonding, South America | 2 comments

May 4th, 2010 Oofa. I wake up and I am a wreck. The only satisfaction I have is that there’s a car in front of the hotel entrance–I ask them if it’s a guest and they say yes, and they go and wake Mr. Noisy at 6:30 AM. He comes down shirtless, which I easily could have gone the rest of my life without witnessing, and moves the car. I fire up the bike in the lobby (I’m feeling wicked) and Oh yeah, I bump into all the furniture on my way out, too. Ugh. Putting on wet gear to ride in the rain. My Daytona boot were great when I bought them in 2006, but now they have decided to not be waterproof any more, despite the Gore-Tex lining. It’s a drag to put on cold/wet boots. But...

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Chaco (Bolivian Side)

Posted by on Jun 11, 2010 in Bolivia, Motorcycle Vagabonding, Paraguay, Articles, South America | Comments Off on Chaco (Bolivian Side)

In order not to repeat myself here, I’ll re-post the link to my Chaco experience I wrote about on This tree is called the “palo borracho”, the drunken stick. The engorged trunk is actually a lifesaver for the tree: when the rains come, the tree stores water reserves in the trunk. I’d smile every time I saw one (which was quite often!) Crappy night’s sleep, but the Chaco is an incredible place. Here are some of the sounds the next morning: Please follow and like...

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Goodbye Rick

Posted by on Jun 10, 2010 in Bolivia, Motorcycle Vagabonding, South America | 1 comment

May 3, 2010 Goodbye Rick. Gosh, I’d had so much fun with him…he was great company–easy to be with, an awesome rider, and an instigator like me and we kept pushing each others’ envelopes. We’d had a great time together, but since we were headed in opposite directions (him North, me South) it was time to say goodbye. A break in traffic outside the hotel and I was off. Need to make a call? I had to show all the bike paperwork here for the nice policeman. Bad piggy! Pavement ends, back to ripio… Yeah baby, I forgot to mention my Bolivian luck…Air Hawk found out that I was riding all these miles on a STOCK SEAT, and they sent me a cushion to La Paz. Yeah! salvation for those achey buns! Wow. Serious landslide. Uck. rain. Off and...

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Inca Trail

Posted by on Jun 9, 2010 in Bolivia, Motorcycle Vagabonding, South America | 1 comment

May 2, 2010 Next day at breakfast, back at joy Ride cafe, we noticed that they also offered tours…MOTORCYCLE tours! Cool! It was Rick’s great idea to hire a tourguide and ride the area without the stress of navigating ourselves. We hooked up with Sergio, and told him what we wanted: more bike maintenance in the morning (Rick needed to adjust a front-end rattle and also do some electrical work, I needed to clean my air filter, and install a new horn since the one I installed in Lima rattled off!) Sergio took us to the local shop he uses. Then we took off with Sergio. Over breakfast we’d decided that we’d ride to the Inca Trail, then follow Sergio on a loop he knew that would give us a good feel for the Sucre area. Lunch. Lunchtime entertainment....

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Posted by on Jun 8, 2010 in Bolivia, Motorcycle Vagabonding, South America | Comments Off on Sucre

May 1, 2010 It was a cool morning, destination: Sucre. We had about 60 miles of dirt before hitting pavement, and Rick left me in the dust, literally, as he opened it up on the ripio. (He was a good sport, however, and about every 15 minutes I’d find him casually waiting for me). He got the bleep scared out of him in this S curve–it still makes me laugh. He’s a hell of a rider because I don’t know how he recovered from the raggedy-ann stunt maneuver he pulled. Ah, pavement. what the?!? We got to Sucre and found a place to stay where they’d let us park the bikes inside (literally inside the lobby). Later on a KTM joined our bikes–obviously this hotel knew the drill. We went to the Joy Ride Cafe for dinner. Where else...

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