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San Juan (Saint John)

Posted by on Dec 17, 2009 in Mexico, Mexico & Central America, Motorcycle Vagabonding | Comments Off on San Juan (Saint John)

So Juan is there on the corner, asking me if I need help. He speaks English, and FINALLY, some instructions I can understand. Turns out he manages the dept store the next block over from the hotel I am looking for… Great! So off I go, left at the 1st light Ave. 20 de Noviembre, left after the bridge, but whoops! I miss the hotel. But wait! Somehow Juan is there, on the sidewalk again, telling me the hotel is just behind me. I walk the bike backwards, against traffic down a 1 way street (best to paddle backwards when attempting this maneuver and not actually look at the oncoming traffic!), the fellow working at the hotel opens the doors, and I drive right in. RIGHT INTO THE LOBBY! Sure, I’ve seen pics of this on ADVrider, but really....

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Posted by on Dec 17, 2009 in Mexico, Mexico & Central America, Motorcycle Vagabonding | Comments Off on Parral

[‘m jumping back in time here to give you a comprehensive story…] November 28, 2009 Arrival in Parral. 130 miles Moving Time= 4:02 Stopped Time= 1:42 I arrived in Parral…hmf. looking back at my journal I was too tired to take notes. It was a leisurely day, and I stopped a few times to take pics And go through a few small towns I passed more hand-cut hayfields And lonely country roads I am enjoying the riding in Mexico…always something new And the roads are twisty a lot fo the time Lunch (at 3 pm) ended up being a gas station burrito and drinkable yogurt… An I entered the suburbs of Parral… and did a few prophylactic laps of the city before getting truly frustrated. It seemed that the city was divided into two parts…by this frustrating road I...

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Saturday Dec 12th

Posted by on Dec 12, 2009 in Mexico, Mexico & Central America, Motorcycle Vagabonding | 2 comments

Well I finally stopped being a tough gal and went to the doctor. yeah, I have the classic Mexican traveler’s bug, which pure & simply stinks. I’m told I have a ‘mild’ case. Symptoms were coming & going, at first I though I was just eating too many beans, but about three days ago in Cautla I was in nearly intolerable pain. I stopped early that night, short of my destination: Oaxaca. Teh next day I called Ruben, my host here in Oaxaca, and he rode ~150 miles out to meet me on the road and ride in with me. They had chicken soup waiting for me! I almost cried. Next day I felt better, ate a whole bunch, then yesterday my breakfast sat in my stomach all-day-long. Oofa. After being up all night I finally cried mercy. The...

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Dec 11…a few days in Oaxaca

Posted by on Dec 11, 2009 in Mexico, Mexico & Central America, Motorcycle Vagabonding | Comments Off on Dec 11…a few days in Oaxaca

Jumping ahead in my story a bit, but thought I’d give a quick real-time update… Remember Voni & Paul from Big Bend? Well, they introduced me to their friend Ruben in Oaxaca via email. Ruben is the local BMW Ambassador here (while I am currently riding a Suzuki don’t forget that my roots are with BMW–I own a 2002 BMW R1150GS Adventure). Anyway, he invited me for a visit, a tour, help, whatever I wanted / needed while I was here. In other words, the perfect host. he’s traveled a LOT on the motorcycle himself, and he “gets” what motorcycle travelers need. Two days ago he rode out to meet me and brought me to his lovely house. I got to meet his most beautiful wife Aurora, who shines with an unparalleled inner glow. I’ve been feeling poopy for...

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Barranca Sinforosa

Posted by on Dec 11, 2009 in Mexico, Mexico & Central America, Motorcycle Vagabonding | Comments Off on Barranca Sinforosa

11/27/09 Moving time: 3:54 Stopped time: 1:42 128 Miles While most travelers, especially Moto travelers, head for Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon), I’d read that Barranca Sinforosa was equally as nice and headed there after visiting Copper Canyon. I rode an incredibly curvy twisty great fun mountain road to the town of Guachochi, and followed the markings to the Barranca Sinforosa. The road is unpaved, REALLY bumpy and full of potholes. and make my first water crossing (flooded road and no guinea pig ahead of me to show me how deep it was). I passed some recently hayed fields. Can you imagine? All this work is done BY HAND! I paid my 10 Pesos to get in (and by the way if you are headed there you can camp tehre for two nights on that 10 pesos. I did...

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