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Viewing the World from a Two-Wheeled Perspective

Alisa in “Fabulous at 50” magazine

Posted by on Aug 23, 2016 in Adventure Travel, California, USA | Comments Off on Alisa in “Fabulous at 50” magazine

I’m honored (and in good company!) in Dianna Bowes’ magazine “Fabulous at 50”. In the coming months I’ll be focusing on inspiring more women to ride, so for now it’s a prelude of things to come! #RideYourDream Please follow and like...

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Sisters’ Ride is over – what a ride!

Posted by on Jul 31, 2016 in Adventure Travel, USA | Comments Off on Sisters’ Ride is over – what a ride!

The Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride is now over, and it was a huge success! My main goal was achieved: Create community among female motorcycle riders and promote the heck out of our sport. Published in today’s LA Times: We even got a teaser on the front of the business section: I could not have done it without my amazing (all volunteer!) staff and the phenomenal women who signed up to take part in our history-making ride. I have learned SO MUCH about myself and my capabilities and I have to tell you how very good it felt to be “on target” with my life. I want more of that! I’ve always known motorcycling is an important part of my path, and with this event (which started out as a whim and mostly a bucket list item) I can see...

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Writing, but not in the way I’d intended (and it’s all good)

Posted by on Jan 9, 2013 in Adventure Travel, USA | 1 comment

Remember last week I asked for an accountability partner? Yeah, I still need one. My week has exploded in a variety of good ways; one is an unexpected PAYING article, which is very nice, and two and three were two separate offers of support that have pushed me in a slightly different direction. See, for a year now I’ve been writing an “Ask MotoAdventureGal” column that I publish for motorcycle dealers to use in their email and newsletter communications. I saw it as a win-win for them–professionally written content geared towards women riders in a time when they want to attract women riders. The win for me is that I get to advertise my motorcycle tours to a broader audience. Well, I admit that last year I hadn’t done a whole lot to promote the column, and with the...

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Lava Hot Springs

Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Adventure Travel, Empowered Women's Tour, Idaho, USA | Comments Off on Lava Hot Springs

Several summers ago Edward introduced me to soaking in Hot Springs. It was on our summer-long motorcycle adventure and boy, was I relieved to get the grime off as we’d been traveling on the small bikes and camping the entire summer.  We’re not those crazy-nudist-pot-smoking-hotpot-soakers (and we’ve met some)–we’re just “normal” folks that like par boiling ourselves in mineral water. One of our favorite places to soak is Lava Hot Springs.   It’s about 90 miles south of  Idaho Falls, and it is pure heaven. It’s clean, the facility is well kept, and they offer a variety of pools with a variety of temperatures.  We went there yesterday and I have to tell you, this morning and a city-water shower later, I am still feeling the soothing effects of the mineral water on my skin and on my psyche....

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Santiago de Compostela – the Credencial (credential)

Posted by on Nov 11, 2012 in Adventure Travel, Camino | Comments Off on Santiago de Compostela – the Credencial (credential)

I’ve been organizing my office and I came across the Credencial I received when I arrived at Santiago de Compostela (Spain) June 7, 2012. It was quite an important day for me–I started in Spain and I’d been walking for over a month to arrive in Santiago. Somehow, in 2012, it was MUCH more difficult that when I walked the Camino across Spain in 2006. Less fit? Plumper? Six years older? I’m not exactly sure what made it more difficult, but this time it was. This year I SUFFERED. Here’s a suffering picture to refresh your memory:   Here’s a happier picture when I finally arrived in Santiago:   And here are pics of my Credencial: Each albergue (hostel specifically for pilgrims) where you stay along the way has their own stamp. Each pilgrim carries a credencial that he/she...

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Posted by on Sep 3, 2012 in Adventure Travel, India | 6 comments

OMG! I’m in India! I am touring with and riding the highest roads in the world –in the Himalayas! We’ll also be visiting some of the most remote villages and temples along the Tibetan-Indian border, as well as visiting with some nomads if we can find them! I may not have too much access to email and communications, but check my Facebook page for the SPOT messages I send, and you can be sure that I will post lots of pictures after I get back. (I get back October 2nd)   Cheers! Please follow and like...

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