Bike is Done..

Bike is Done..

Twisted Throttle has dedicated a HUGE amount of staff time to outfitting my bike so it’s just perfect for me (Thanks Mr. Twisted for allowing Dereck to spend so much time on it!)

We arrived here is Peacedale, RI last night and I got my first look at my (new to me) 2003 DR650SE…it’s awesome! Ill post a picture as soon as I figure out how!

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3 Replies to “Bike is Done..”

  1. I was told about your trip today while ordering a horn for my R1150GS. I’m also riding my bike through South and Central America ( so I was very excited to learn of your trip. I’m shipping my bike by air to Buenos Aires at the end of November and then riding to TDF, followed by the trip home going north. Hope to see you on the way and count on me being a regular groupie of your Blog. I also made a donation to your charity and want to thank you for choosing such a good cause.

  2. Stuart, thanks for your donation and thanks for the private messages you’ve sent giving me information, etc. The shirts you sent me are *awesome*. You are so well organized (must be the engineer in you!) I’m a lot more, er, scattered.

    I’llbe sure to stay in touch. ~alisa