Alisa in El Salvador (Jan 6, 2009)

Alisa in El Salvador (Jan 6, 2009)


Hi everyone,

I’ve been having a great time here El Salvador–met some locals rider folks and they have been so super friendly and helpful–taking me riding, showing me parts of the country most people do not get to see. I am very fortunate this way.

I know my blog is abut two weeks behind–ack! I’ve been tied up actually *traveling* and now what little internet time I get I need to concentrate on getting across the Darien Gap. Sorry for that.

Anyway, I think today will be the last day in El Salvador for me–I want to spend more time exploring absolutely everything, but the fact remains that the weather south of the Equator continues to march towards winter (hard to imagine here when the temps are in the 80’s!) and I need to get south.

Thanks for following,


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9 Replies to “Alisa in El Salvador (Jan 6, 2009)”

  1. Alisa -my firend Mike from holland went there last year, and answered about the GAP:
    “take a sail bote to cartagena ,, you can go to the hostel in panama and they arrage the trips to cartagena , verry beautifull and verry cool to sail . make sure you arrage this upfrunt there will be nothing to do but wait if you dont ,,, the name of the hostel does not pop up in my mind ,,, i wil try to look it up ,, on the site they have you can sea when the boots are leaving ,,, greats mike”
    hope this helps
    Sandy in cold Montana (just dropped belowZERO!!!)

  2. Alisa: So good to hear that you are having a great time adventuring! We think of you often. One of us often secretly thinks that you’re having more fun that we are. : )

  3. Hey Alisa,

    how is it going? Nadi and I are thinking about talking half year of after summer to travel arround the world. What do you think?

    Cheers Andi

  4. Andi, I think it is marvelous that you found such a good partner. But you are the one that gave me the very good advice not to rush on my trip…I will now return the favor and tell you not to rush around the world in 6 months…I do not think I will even make two continents inn six months!!!

  5. Hola Alisa, he visto tu sitio ahora y me gusta mucho!! Me dio mucho gusto conecerte. La Palma recduerdas?

  6. Corie in Cold California, If I had your beautiful family I would probably not be adventuring. Sorry I missed seeing you before I left the USA. Can’t wait to meet the bun in the oven!

  7. Sandy, thanks for the input! I believe that was the Stahlrette–they are currently sailing around Cuba. I am looking into other boats, but they seem expensive and rather problematic. I may opt to split a container with some folks…

    stay warm!

  8. Recuerdo!

    Regresaste a Santa Tecla? Tuve muchas problemas encontrando un hotel…finamente me quede en Hotel La Palma $15 con la cena y WiFi.

    Mucho gusto conocerte!